British BT EVERDAY-TW Everyday Cordless Telephone - Twi


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Product Overview

Product Overview

BT Everyday Cordless Phone .You'll always know who's calling you with the BT Everyday Cordless Phone's Caller ID feature. Save up to 50 contacts and they'll displayed on the screen when they ring, and if they're not saved you'll get the full number instead. It's easy to set up and has great sound so you can hear your conversations clearly.  Hang up on cold callers and telemarketers for good with the BT Everyday Phone's call blocking feature. You can block up to 20 different phone numbers, and finally get a bit of well-deserved peace and quiet.

With two individual handsets complete with their own charging stations, you can place the handsets around your home in convenient spots. No more racing down the stairs to pick up the phone again.

  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • No. of Handsets Included: 2
  • Phonebook: Yes
  • Phonebook Entries (Name & No): 50
  • Caller ID Support: Yes
  • Standby Time Battery (Hours): 100
  • Talk Time Battery (Hours): 10
  • Handset Paging Facility: Yes


  • Height: 166mm, Width: 104mm, Depth: 116mm
  • Weight: 0.357KG

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