Pioneer SELTC5R-S 'Rayz+' Smart InEar Apple Headphones


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Product Overview

Product Overview

Smaller. Smarter. More Personal. First to market with 2nd generation Lightning Audio Technology. Only Lightning earphones with talk and charge capability. Lower current consumption than any other Lightning headset. By communicating directly with your iPhone, Rayz delivers smart features, adjustable to your preferences, in a tiny pair of earphones.

  • Lower current consumption than any other Lightning earphone. No batteries or charging required
  • Rayz adapts its noise cancelling to your ear and the world around you, so you can focus on the things you want
  • Lets in just enough ambient sound through your noise cancelling, for greater awareness of your environment
  • AutoPause: Take off your earphones, and your music automatically pauses. Put them back on, and music resumes
  • Charging Port: The Rayz Plus is the first lightning earphone that lets you charge your iPhone even while you use it


  • Weight: 0.16KG

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